Crypto Farm Experts

Running a mining farm is not an easy task. Crypto Farm Experts is a group of professionals covering the disciplines that large scale cryptocurrency mining farms need. Hire us today to solve your current problems and optimize your operation.

We are not your average consultant agency. We specialize in maximizing your rate of return for proof of work mining. Our Experts are embedded in the industries most influential projects keeping up with the latest trends and programs for GPU mining.

Crypto Farm Experts does the work. Not only do we advise on how to optimize mining rigs but we login and tune each GPU for its maximum performance, customize network optimizations, custom scripting, central monitoring and management systems, and more.

When you hire Crypto Farm Experts you can forget about the day to day hassles of running your farm and get back to collecting the profits and making your next investment.


  • OS Configuration
  • AMD Bios Modifications
  • Overclock Tuning
  • GPU Monitoring
  • PDU Configuration
  • Networking Design and Management
  • Automatic Rig Configuration
  • Notifications of Error Conditions
  • 24/7 Rig Management
  • Pool Setup and Configurations
  • 24/7 Support and Assistance


We started Crypto Farm Experts because we saw too many enterprising commercial mining farms being run at less than 60% of their potential. To solve this, we work with the industries best to get the most out of the hardware for the least expense.

Our team is comprised of dedicated individuals from around the world with decades of experience in their related fields.

We develop our own tools and monitoring programs to run your cryptocurrency mining farm at its highest potential.

Contact us today and hire Crypto Farm Experts so you won’t have to worry about your farm’s uptime. Our customers sleep better when their farm is being watched and managed by our expert technicians.

Working with You

With our cryptocurrency farm management plan it has never been more affordable to get 24 hour secure assistance for your farm. We work off a portion of your shares paid, so the more we can keep your farm online and tuned the more profit everyone makes. Talk to us today and discover just what we can do for you.

If you just want one time fixes and improvements we can offer that on a short term contract. Contact us and let us know what you need fixed or optimized.

Within one week of hiring us most farms of 20 mining rigs can gain 1 or more gigahash. You will wish you found our service earlier. So stop procrastinating and get in touch with us.