Troubleshooting EthOS

Q. invalid miner specified: set valid miner
A. Try running ethos-readconf validminer and see if you choose a miner that works with your GPU’s. If you did check the spelling and then run dos2unix /home/ethos/local.conf && minestop

Q. GPU temperature is 511c on EthOS but it feels cold.
A.  Hardware communications errors (signified by 511c temp) are generally caused by the rigs connectors moving after startup or just being loose. Please check each component is well seated or replace with a working one until you can single out a bad connection or riser.

Q. GPU Clocks too low
A. This is a very generic error that at its basic form is saying the GPU is not mining. Some steps to narrow down the reason:

  1. If all GPUs Crashed – Verify Internet and miner settings
    1. Verify you have internet access – ping -c4
    2. Verify that ping to the pool is under 100ms – ping -c4
    3. Verify miner has a good wallet and flags – EthOS sets most all necessary flags.
  2. If at least one GPU is mining – Verify risers and OC values
    1. Check “powertune:” in stats for a “-1” value – Bad riser indicator
    2. Check “temp:” in stats for a “511” value – Bad riser indicator
    3. Check “mem:” in stats for a value under “500” – Mem too high
    4. Check “core:” in stats for a value under “500” – Power too low

Q. Miner is mining at the pool but EthOS shows 0 hash, the panel also says its not mining.
A. Re-update EthOS run: sudo ethos-update reupdate && sleep 5 && reboot  refer to

Q. Miner says “disallowed” after updating or “miner disallowed: use ‘allow’ command”
A. Run the command allow to start mining again. Check the terminal output history and make sure the update completed. EthOS may have just disallowed the miner and rebooted it so you can apply the update or reupdate.

Q. Half of my GPU’s are offline
A. Likely a power distribution issue, Check that the motherboard, is properly powered, Check that the miner is wired according to the instructions in,, and if you have a b250 check the image at