Best practices when setting up a remote config

Setting up a config file is pretty easy and straight forward, but most of the times, people stick to inefficient ways of doing it.

The real trick to a good and efficient mining operation is a good setup and a good and easy to edit config file, so that is where we are focus our attention here.

What most people will do is use the some random global values they found on youtube or some forum, but the thing that most people don’t realize is that those values will not ALWAYS work for everyone,  many need higher values and many will need lower ones. So searching for random values is not that good, instead what one should do is test different values on a bunch of GPUs so that a baseline can be created, and in case of most farms they get their GPUs in bulk hence the performance is quite similar among the GPUs so its well worth it. As for the global values, one should use the values based on the bios name instead of a static global value.

One method we use is the use of rig specific and GPU specific values for fine tuning because here at CFE we strive for max performance even though it takes us hours if not days to achieve it. GPU specific values are the best as they give the best hashrate and shares, but it is tedious, and once you get to a certain level, using global defaults is the best.

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